Feltron- Electronics and Home Appliances

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    FAIRWAY GENERAL TRADING (L.L.C) T +971 4 2676 599 | F +971 4 2676 509 P.O Box. 49072, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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    +971 4 2676 599

FELTRON Electronics, Home Appliances and Household – Every product is a symbol of complete Happiness for you and your Family.

FELTRON is an ever aspiring brand of electronics covering multiple segments like Entertainment Products, Home Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, Personal Gadgets and lighting products.

Spear-headed by the visionary entrepreneur duo Mr. Moosa Haji E. P (Chairman) and Mr. Sulaiman Haji E. P (Managing Director), FELTRON has grown from a humble trading enterprise into an international operation in a short span of time.

FELTRON has always taken pride in its ability to offer its customers best quality products that cater to your family needs and are prominent for all occasions. Products that suits your style, fits every budget and are bundle of joy and ultimate happiness.  With FELTRON you are assured on receiving best value for money and products that will last a lifetime.


•    Electronics
       DVD Players
       Portable DVD Players
       Tablet PCs
       Multimedia Speakers
       Home Theatres

•    Home Appliances
       Vacuum Cleaners
       Water Dispensors.
       Washing Machines.
       Air Cooloers.
       House-Hold Fans (Stand, Desk, Wall and Rechargeable)
       House-Hold Irons ( Heavy, Light, Spray and Steam)
       Insect Killers.
       Room Heaters.

•    Kitchen Appliances
        Microwave Ovens
        Blenders and Juicers
        Food Processors and Mixer Grinders
        Meat Grinders
        Rice Cookers
        Deep Fryers.
        Toasters and Sandwich makers
        Hot Plates
        Gas Stoves.

•    Personal Care and Grooming.
        Hair Clippers & Trimmers.
        Shavers (Men & Ladies)
        Hair Straighteners.
        Hair Dryers
        Hair Stylers and Curlers.
        Body Massagers.
        Bathroom Scales.

•    Lighting

        Torches and Flashlights (LEDs)
        Emergency Lanterns and Lamps.
        LEDs & CFL Bulbs.
        Extension Cords

•    Accessories

        Head Phones & Ear Phones
        HDMI Cables
        A&V Cables
        Adapters & Chargers

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